Med vårt API kan ni integrera kart och företagsinformation direkt i ert system, portal, app eller webbshop. På så sätt har ni alltid aktuell och uppdaterad information och era medarbetare behöver inte lägga tid på att leta information eller utföra manuella kontroller.
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What we offer

Hitta.se API:s are easy-to-use and cost-effective solutions and can be used to get and verify information about your customers, automate your workflow, retrieve valuable information for internal processes or display the information directly on your website. We also offer flexible customization options for more advanced use cases, just contact us!
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Available Functions

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    Dynamic Map

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    Custom Map Colours

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    Static Map Pictures

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    Route Directions

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    Satelite & Hiking Maps

Interactive map api

Our Map API is providing a simple and intuitive solution with flexible customization options for more advanced use cases.

  • Use iframes and our parameter controlled api for easy implementation
  • Contact us for custom solutions

Easy to integrate

Here you can find example implementation of some API:s.
All you need to do is sign up for a free trial,
and insert your client identification and api key.

Straight forward competitive pricing

No starting cost - just pay as you go! Quit when you want, just 30 days notice! The following price tables shows how the price per requests decreases with larger volumes. Making a certain volume threshold results in discounts on every request made. Total price each month is calculated as the total number of requests made multiplied with your biggest volume discount. The volume discount is only based on the number of requests made within a single calendar month. We also offer fixed pricing!

Map API Pricing

Up to number of requests per monthSEK/searchTotal price per month (SEK)
5,0000.251 000
10,0000.202 000
50,0000.105 000
75,0000.086 000
100,0000.077 000
250,0000.0512 500
500,0000.0420 000
1,000,0000.0330 000
>1,000,000Individual pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Every map load counts as one billable request. Clicking on buttons and interacting with the map after the first load does not affect the number of requests made to our api.

If your api suddenly stopped working we probably blocked your api-key. Reasons for us to block users from making further requests are: 1: Your trial period expired and you have not upgraded to paying customer 2: You are on your trial period and had made over 10 000 requests 3: You are a paying customer and has forgotten to pay the bills we sent. Plase contact us using our e-mail service if this does not help

Map API: Lowest amount is 600 SEK. Even if you make less than 2000 requests we will bill you 600 SEK.

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